The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 4 Side Effects Of Lifting

Working out can have a few side effects – mostly amazing with a little weird mixed in. Curious to know what they are? Read on…

Protein Gas

There is just something very combustible about bulking up on protein and the locker room is living proof of that. After a few days of bringing more protein into your diet you will begin to notice one very noticeable thing… you have gas and it smells horrible. If this is happening to you, try a protein pill instead of a shake. They tend to produce less gas. You can also get over the counter gas relievers to lessen side effects. Prohormones are another way to go which can be added to a natural protein diet to maximum your gains.

Basketball Butt

We all know that undeniable shape. It is the butt of the guy who loves to squat more than he loves to breathe or live or eat. Seriously. It looks like this guy cut a basketball in half and stuffed it down his pants. This is all the proof you need to know that squats really are the ultimate exercise. They are wildly effective especially when you combine them with your current prohormones, protein and hydration routine. When you keep fuel going you will have all the drive you need to get that basketball butt that every guy at the gym wants to have.

The Sausage Casing Effect

You said you would never be the guy to cut all the sleeves out of your shirts. You always thought that guy was so corny. However, that was until you realized one reason that corny guy cut all the sleeves away. Your arms started to feel like sausages stuffed in a casing. It got on your nerves really bad… and let’s face it. Your sleeves just look better off. Needless to say, the sausage casing problem really does exist and it is just easier to move around without them when shirt sleeves are cut for an average arm.

Lost Friends

When you become that lifting guy… you may lose a couple of friends. Sometimes that is because your old friends think you are a little too obsessed. Sometimes that is because they do not want to bring their girlfriends around the ripped guy. Sometimes that is because you simply do not have enough time to spend with your friends anymore. Whatever reason it is… losing friends sucks but thankfully there are plenty of other friends to be made especially if you have the kind that run out just because you have a new hobby. If you lost friends because you neglected them a little – reach back out and try to get together on something that you both enjoy.

Staying truly dedicated to your grueling workout, power enhancing prohormones and protein intake routine can really pay off in the long run, providing you with the body you want and the energy you need to do life. The side effects of staying the course are a healthier, fitter you with plenty of get up and go… even if that you happens to have a little protein shake gas occasionally.