The 5 Types Of Girlfriends Of Lifters

Lifters are notoriously difficult to date and often times, we would much rather be on a bench than on a dinner date. Either way, we get lucky sometimes and we find that perfect girl who completes us. Here are the 5 types of girlfriends that dig lifters… Which one is yours?

The Gym-Guru-Girlfriend

You lift with your girlfriend and you both consider it a romantic date night. She is the epitome of what a gym guy wants in a girl. She does not poke fun at you about your prohormones obsession or tease you when you check the protein count in your dinner. She is beautiful and funny. She is kind and loyal… and you are pretty sure she could kick your butt. That is why you always remember to put the seat down.

The Yin and Yang Girlfriend

You are a big guy, a HUGE dude. Your muscles have muscles and you never met a gyro you didn’t like. Your girlfriend is tiny – really tiny. She has that whole ballerina thing going on and you love it… a lot. The contrast of how small she is compared to how giant you are is a real turn on… and you would not have it any other way. Besides, it kind of makes you feel like King Kong in that one movie where he picked up that woman in his fist. #SwoleGoals

The Why-Are-You-At-The-Gym-Again Girlfriend

If you do not know this chick, at least one of your buddies has this kind of girlfriend and she is super annoying. She really hates it when he spends time in the gym or with his friends and sometimes you do not know why anyone would ever stay with this girl – but then she shows up at the gym and you remember why. She is smoking hot and a little complaining never hurt anybody much. Unless she wanted to hurt you… that might be ok.

The Hates-to-Workout Girlfriend

Your girlfriend thinks it’s really cute how hard you work to stay fit for her but she really has no interest in joining you. She has no clue what a deadlift is. She thinks prohormones are those things you get before your period and she doesn’t understand why all you eat is chicken. She would rather be shopping, checking her Instagram or watching videos about cats that do adorable things in adorable little outfits. You don’t mind. She is perfect the way she is and as long as she is on board with you loving fitness… her complete and utter disinterest in working out does not bother you.

The Supportive Chick

When you threw your back out lifting… your girlfriend did not remind you of all the times you made fun of guys who get hurt due to bad form. She did not even bring it up once. She simply rubbed your back, brought you a Highlife and turned on the game. Lord knows she could have brought up all that trash talking you do but she didn’t. This girl either really loves you or is really pushing hard for that engagement ring.

No matter what kind of girlfriend you have, it is safe to say that us lifters are not very much fun to put up with. We get moody. We obsess about our bodies and we often forget how much time we spend on ourselves. Sometimes that means our relationships slide. Let’s hear it for all those girlfriends who have to put up with our prohormones stacks taking over the bathroom and our sweaty clothes strolled all along the floor… girlfriends, thanks for putting up with our crap.