4 Words And Their Secret Meanings Only Lifters Truly Comprehend

When you are a hardcore gym hitter, a long-time lifter and a daily getter-doner, you are welcomed into a world where few people understand exactly how difficult it can be to get fit and stay fit. Whether you are a world class weightlifter or just a hardened hobbyist, these 4 statements are common to everybody, even those who hate the gym… and yet inside of the weight room – we all know these 4 words have a secret meaning that only we would ever understand…

Protein Bulk Out

Sure – everyone knows what bulking out is but not everyone knows how truly boring it can be to bulk out. How many nights can a man truly eat grilled chicken breast and brown rice before he gets really bored with his life and wants to drive nails into his elbows, commit a felony or drive into an open field just for a little excitement in his life? Well, apparently, we lifters have a lot of self control because for many of us… its been several years since we can remember eating anything without checking the protein value first. If it is not at least 20g per serving – we already know it is not what is for dinner.


No… it is not that thing your girlfriend gets every month that makes her go slightly crazy and fight with you over stupid things like soap and forgetting that today was the anniversary of your eleventh kiss at McDonalds. Every lifter knows that prohormones are a great way to cut, boost testosterone and enhance power. If you are not utilizing prohormones in your routine yet – the results are phenomenal and with a little research you can find them online.

Green Shakes

Healthy shakes are a great way to keep your energy levels up without loading down on sugars but they also taste like absolute crap. We are not going to lie. We would much rather eat a booger but boogers do not give you much energy. At least, not that we know of. If you know otherwise, hit us up on the DM.

Gym Grunt

We hate the gym grunter just as much as you do but we also know that the gym grunter is just trying not to die – and if he is grunting he really feels like he could. For whatever reason, grunting makes that last hurray of your lift just a little bit easier even if it does nothing more than get you an audience. We never want to be the gym grunter but when we max out our deadlift… we might grunt and if we do – please do not judge us. It is pure survival and we too are trying not to die.

From the protein bulk out that bores you to tears to power packing prohormones, the world of a lifter is a world all their own – but it is always good to know that we crazy-gym-guys understand each other… even if we do tend to have our conversations entirely in grunts.