A Comprehensive Guide To Prohormones

Prohormones are compounds which claim to improve the body’s physical attributes such as resistance, mass and strength. When one ingests a particular prohormone, the body processes it and converts it into another compound that increases hormonal levels. The overall effect of this is to accelerate gains in mass and strength. Prohormones are available in several forms like capsules, pills, liquids and dermal patches. The dosages largely depend on the specific compound.

Are Prohormones any different to Steroids?

Anabolic steroids work by adding hormones to the body while pro hormones are converted into anabolic hormones by enzymes found in the liver. These anabolic hormones then increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for regulating the processes involved in fat burning and muscle building within the body. This is the main distinction between the two substances.

It’s well known that anabolic steroids can increase both strength and muscle mass. They however carry significant side effects, some of which are irreversible. Pro hormones are seen as safer alternatives to anabolic steroids because pose fewer and less serious risks.

Who Should use Prohormones?

Prohormones can be used by anyone above the age of 25 years who’s seeking to boost their strength and muscle mass. They are not suitable for people whose endocrine system isn’t fully mature yet. Though full maturation is said to occur at 21 years of age, 25 is generally recommended to cater for variations. People with pre-existing medical conditions like liver, heart and kidney disorders as well as diabetes are cautioned against prohormone use.

Do Prohormones have any Side Effects?

Depending on the structure, some are known to cause problems when used improperly. Because pro hormones vary in potency between different products and forms, the side effects are usually compound-specific. Common issues include libido fluctuations, mood swings, lethargy and liver damage. In many cases, drugs are normally used to restore the body’s natural hormonal balance, a process known as post cycle therapy (PCT).


One needs to carefully assess their own objectives and risk factors before taking any compound. Generally, it’s advisable to begin with milder prohormones first while adhering to low doses for the first 3-4 weeks. An estrogen blocking product should also be applied after all cycles with pro hormones. Those unconcerned about estrogen can use this for up to 4 weeks after their cycle ends.

It also helps to embark on a good, clean diet and specifically increase protein intake by 2 grams for every pound of bodyweight. Physical activity also needs to be intensified, given that the compound is meant to boost muscle mass. Generally, one needs to consult a specialist for advice on what route to take for the best results.

When properly used, prohormones can greatly enhance various physical attributes for many people. However, these benefits could come at a price. Due to the various negative side effects that various products are known to carry, one needs to tread cautiously. Careful thought and intensive research would greatly help in choosing the best product depending on one’s age and goals in physical fitness.

Buying Dianabol Prohormones Online Can Help Body Builders If Taken Correctly

Substances which when ingested by the body convert into active hormonal compounds are called prohormones – Dbol for sale. The active anabolic hormones and anti-catabolic hormones that result from such conversion help to decrease body fat, while they build muscle and increase body strength.

Prohormones can be very useful as agents used for bodybuilding, but there are certain risks associated with them, which body builders need to be aware of so that they can achieve the right results with minimal ill effects. It is necessary that the person using these compounds be an adult and over 18 years of age. These compounds are not suitable for female body builders. The age restriction is to take care of the fact that younger people may not have hormonal systems that are fully developed, and these compounds can disrupt the development process. As they also exhibit male characteristics, their use by females can cause unwanted side effects, first you should try to buy Dianabol and use it.

Prohormones will suppress the natural body hormones of the body. Ensuring that this does not affect the body is possible if the prohormones are used in cycles that allow the body to regain its original production of hormones. Cycles are limited to 4 to 12 weeks depending on the constitution of the person taking the prohormones, and must invariably be followed by a therapy that normalizes the balance of natural hormones. This therapy often referred to as PCT or Post Cycle Therapy will have a formula to support the liver function, an anti-estrogen compound and a testosterone booster that is a natural product. Prohormones are processed by the liver, and hence the need to support the functioning of the liver.

There are different types of prohormones, and the ones you choose must be those that will achieve the body building goals you have. You can get those that are better for strength and lean muscle while others are designed to increase the bulk of the body. There are also others that can reduce the body fat, and increase vascularity which can make for maximum muscle definition and lead to highly prominent and visible veins. Competitive athletes need to ensure that prohormones that may test positive for banned anabolic drugs are not ingested.

Prohormones are easily obtained from most medical stores and Dianabol for sale come in liquid, pill or tablet form. It is best to take medical advice before starting to use and to buy Dbol for sale prohormone cycles, as certain medical conditions may lead to their contraindication. Doses must be limited to those suggested and never exceeded. You can also buy certain prohormones that can be injected. Some prohormones, however, convert to steroids when injected, and as steroids are banned, it is necessary to take care to avoid ill effects.

Prohormones raise the level of anabolic hormones that the body creates naturally, and this adds to the power and strength of the body. They also guide the body to lose fat, as they direct the nutrients taken in, to the muscles and thus help to increase the body strength. Bodybuilders find these compounds useful for performance improvement.

The Best Pro-hormone Stack To Get Ripped Fast

The world of bodybuilding is getting competitive each day, and one bottle of supplement doesn’t meet the cut in getting the body you want. The new term in the fitness circle is ‘stacking up’ and of course the race now is to find the best prohormone stack for a body like Dwayne Johnson’s. Luckily, we have compiled the best prohormone stacks in the market today, so you don’t need to search further.

Crazy Mass Prohormone Stacks

Buy Prohormone Stacks OnlineIf you hang around fitness buffs for a while, you definitely have heard of the term Crazy Mass. This is one of the largest Fitness companies that manufacture and supply bodybuilding supplements. They are probably one of the pioneers of the ‘stacking up’ craze and have a few combos to their names. Each prohormone stack serves a specific function as you are about to discover.

The Crazy mass prohormone stacks are divided in three categories: the Cutting Stacks, the Strength Stacks, and the Bulking Stacks. The Bulking best prohormone stack is a top popular choice for both novice and veteran bodybuilders. The stacks core function is to induce muscle growth in the body to increase the trainer’s size and overall strength. There are four main products in this combo, namely Testosterone Max, Dianabol, TBal-75 ad Deckadrolone. All these are steroid compounds that help boost and retain nitrogen content in the body to create an ample environment for muscle growth. If you are thinking of bigger shoulders, a massive chest and generally gaining some crazy mass within weeks, this is the prohormone stack to go for.

The second option, Strength stack, is more about building one’s stamina as well besides strength. It’s the best option for that fitness trainer who feels stack in the same level for a long time. You want more strength to push your training sessions or even move heavier weights. This stack also has four main products which are Testosterone Max, Anadrolone, Dianabol and Decadrolone.  When these four ingredients combine, they inject more testosterone into the blood which boosts body energy levels. The Strength prohormone stack also promotes quick healing and recovery allowing you to work out more within a short time. If you need the strength of Hercules in you, this is the best prohormone stack to purchase.

Lastly, the cutting stack is the ultimate prohormone stack for the fitness fad who wants a body to show off. This stack is all about sculpting and toning the body; a defined and well toned six-pack, rock hard chest, biceps and triceps and lots of stamina on the calves. As usual, four products make up this stack namely Testosterone Max, Clentrimix, Paravar and Winnidrol. It comes in handy when you not only want bigger muscles but rock hard ones. The Cutting stack melts body fat faster than the Antarctic ice caps whilst burning more carbohydrates into energy. This prevents the body from converting any excess starch and sugars into unnecessary body fat.

Other Prohormone Stacks in the Market

The Crazy Mass best prohormone stacks have received such publicity and success that it’s easy to stop searching for other options. But there are other stacking options that may even be cheaper and deliver the same results. If you still love some variety, here are other stacking options to try out.

Ultimate Mass Building Stack

The ultimate mass building prohormone stack is a combination of products manufactured by different companies: Assault and Vital Labs. The stack has three main products namely Protex, Nano Genin and Msten Extreme Mass Builder. Msten Extreme mass builder packs all the testosterone you need to build muscle and strength. It contains the same steroid compounds that boost nitrogen intake and retention for muscle cells to rapidly grow.

Nano Genin is added in the mix to boost the intake of all nutrients provided by the supplement stack. It contains an active ingredient Laxogenin which accounts for about 600% absorption rate of nutrients, meaning you are putting all the ingredients your body can master to good use. Lastly, Protex is, just as its name alludes, a protective agent especially during the recovery cycle. As your body is rapidly combusting the steroid compounds and building muscle rapidly, Protex helps protect the body from exploding due to this rapid metabolism.

The VL Hard Muscle Stack

VL Hard muscle stack combines the actions of both the Strength and Cutting stacks from Crazy Mass. This stack has two main products—Epi 2a3a and Halo-V—which both combine to build strength and a ripped body. Epi 2a3a contains the element Epistane which is anti-estrogenic and serves several functions in the body; it increases strength, burns body fat, and promote lean mass growth. The second component, Halo-V, contains Halodrol which has two functions; to generate rapid lean mass, and to dry out the body by decreasing water retention. Just like Epistane, Halodrol also hardens the muscles, boosts body strength and increase body mass to insane levels.

When both components are combined, they create the biggest muscle blocks and a chiselled body that is every bodybuilder’s dream. Most fitness experts will instruct you to combine other anabolic steroids to this mix to help protect the body while catalyzing the effects of VL Hard Muscle Stack. A product like Protex will be an ideal addition to this to protect the body from the rapid metabolic changes.

The Spawn Best Prohormone Stack

This best hormone stack packs three main products (Epi 2A3A, DMZ 1200 and Dienazone) which all combine to create the perfectly ripped body. There is one big different about this steroid combo compared to the rest; it packs insane ingredients to create a ripped body superfast. It is so powerful that health experts recommend it for the pro weightlifters; those who have experience with bodybuilding products and have mastered their cycles.  Within weeks you will pack more lean mass than you can ever imagine and chisel out those abs, arms and legs. If you are thinking beach body in the shortest time possible, then this is the right pack to go with. However, make sure you visit a physician first to determine whether this prohormone stack is fit for you.

The right Stack for You

With so many best prohormone stacks out there, it’s easy to get confused on which one to choose and continue with. As a beginning or experienced bodybuilder, it’s important to first determine what part of your body you are focusing on. Crazy mass makes it easier for weight lifters by providing products that target strength boost, muscle growth or creating a ripped body.

Secondly, make sure you are purchasing your prohormone stacks from a valid physical store or website. There are several counterfeit products out there that won’t bring the results you are looking for. Thus purchase only from licensed and known bodybuilding websites.

In a highly competitive bodybuilding world with new records being set every day, one needs a new trick up their sleeve to stay ahead. Stacking up thus becomes one of the popular options for any bodybuilder looking to build mass, strength and energy within the shortest time possible. There are so many prohormone stacks out there each promising to give great results. But if you don’t feel so sure, you can bank on the above mentioned best prohormone stacks to start you off.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 4 Side Effects Of Lifting

Working out can have a few side effects – mostly amazing with a little weird mixed in. Curious to know what they are? Read on…

Protein Gas

There is just something very combustible about bulking up on protein and the locker room is living proof of that. After a few days of bringing more protein into your diet you will begin to notice one very noticeable thing… you have gas and it smells horrible. If this is happening to you, try a protein pill instead of a shake. They tend to produce less gas. You can also get over the counter gas relievers to lessen side effects. Prohormones are another way to go which can be added to a natural protein diet to maximum your gains.

Basketball Butt

We all know that undeniable shape. It is the butt of the guy who loves to squat more than he loves to breathe or live or eat. Seriously. It looks like this guy cut a basketball in half and stuffed it down his pants. This is all the proof you need to know that squats really are the ultimate exercise. They are wildly effective especially when you combine them with your current prohormones, protein and hydration routine. When you keep fuel going you will have all the drive you need to get that basketball butt that every guy at the gym wants to have.

The Sausage Casing Effect

You said you would never be the guy to cut all the sleeves out of your shirts. You always thought that guy was so corny. However, that was until you realized one reason that corny guy cut all the sleeves away. Your arms started to feel like sausages stuffed in a casing. It got on your nerves really bad… and let’s face it. Your sleeves just look better off. Needless to say, the sausage casing problem really does exist and it is just easier to move around without them when shirt sleeves are cut for an average arm.

Lost Friends

When you become that lifting guy… you may lose a couple of friends. Sometimes that is because your old friends think you are a little too obsessed. Sometimes that is because they do not want to bring their girlfriends around the ripped guy. Sometimes that is because you simply do not have enough time to spend with your friends anymore. Whatever reason it is… losing friends sucks but thankfully there are plenty of other friends to be made especially if you have the kind that run out just because you have a new hobby. If you lost friends because you neglected them a little – reach back out and try to get together on something that you both enjoy.

Staying truly dedicated to your grueling workout, power enhancing prohormones and protein intake routine can really pay off in the long run, providing you with the body you want and the energy you need to do life. The side effects of staying the course are a healthier, fitter you with plenty of get up and go… even if that you happens to have a little protein shake gas occasionally.

The 5 Types Of Girlfriends Of Lifters

Lifters are notoriously difficult to date and often times, we would much rather be on a bench than on a dinner date. Either way, we get lucky sometimes and we find that perfect girl who completes us. Here are the 5 types of girlfriends that dig lifters… Which one is yours?

The Gym-Guru-Girlfriend

You lift with your girlfriend and you both consider it a romantic date night. She is the epitome of what a gym guy wants in a girl. She does not poke fun at you about your prohormones obsession or tease you when you check the protein count in your dinner. She is beautiful and funny. She is kind and loyal… and you are pretty sure she could kick your butt. That is why you always remember to put the seat down.

The Yin and Yang Girlfriend

You are a big guy, a HUGE dude. Your muscles have muscles and you never met a gyro you didn’t like. Your girlfriend is tiny – really tiny. She has that whole ballerina thing going on and you love it… a lot. The contrast of how small she is compared to how giant you are is a real turn on… and you would not have it any other way. Besides, it kind of makes you feel like King Kong in that one movie where he picked up that woman in his fist. #SwoleGoals

The Why-Are-You-At-The-Gym-Again Girlfriend

If you do not know this chick, at least one of your buddies has this kind of girlfriend and she is super annoying. She really hates it when he spends time in the gym or with his friends and sometimes you do not know why anyone would ever stay with this girl – but then she shows up at the gym and you remember why. She is smoking hot and a little complaining never hurt anybody much. Unless she wanted to hurt you… that might be ok.

The Hates-to-Workout Girlfriend

Your girlfriend thinks it’s really cute how hard you work to stay fit for her but she really has no interest in joining you. She has no clue what a deadlift is. She thinks prohormones are those things you get before your period and she doesn’t understand why all you eat is chicken. She would rather be shopping, checking her Instagram or watching videos about cats that do adorable things in adorable little outfits. You don’t mind. She is perfect the way she is and as long as she is on board with you loving fitness… her complete and utter disinterest in working out does not bother you.

The Supportive Chick

When you threw your back out lifting… your girlfriend did not remind you of all the times you made fun of guys who get hurt due to bad form. She did not even bring it up once. She simply rubbed your back, brought you a Highlife and turned on the game. Lord knows she could have brought up all that trash talking you do but she didn’t. This girl either really loves you or is really pushing hard for that engagement ring.

No matter what kind of girlfriend you have, it is safe to say that us lifters are not very much fun to put up with. We get moody. We obsess about our bodies and we often forget how much time we spend on ourselves. Sometimes that means our relationships slide. Let’s hear it for all those girlfriends who have to put up with our prohormones stacks taking over the bathroom and our sweaty clothes strolled all along the floor… girlfriends, thanks for putting up with our crap.

4 Hilarious Gym Observations Only Lifters Understand

The gym is the place where all the weirdos come out to play… and that includes ourselves. From the creepy station stalker to the mat sniffer, every lifter will observe these totally hilarious events at the gym at some point in their lifting career…

The Michael Myers Stare

When someone is waiting on your station, it is usually that one guy who lurks creepily behind the squat rack waiting on you to move along. The whole vibe of it is totally Mike-Myers-stalking-Jamie-Lee-Curtis-behind-a-bush. Sometimes the squat rack lurker gives you the heebie-jeebies which makes you really glad that you took that weight station in the first place… if he ever goes mental you want to be prepared.

The Cyclist Swag

You know that one guy… he is always strutting into cycling class like he owns the place. Maybe he does. Either way, nobody makes that purple headband and spandex look better than he does. You’ll admit it. It really takes a pair to walk around like that so either cyclist guy is the swaggiest dude on the planet or he is the most style-challenged guy to ever live. You are not sure which but he sure is entertaining. This guy never met a weight he liked. Prohormones be danged… and even still – he gets all the ladies.

The Over-the-Top Macho Guy

Every gym has that one dude who not only lifts double his body weight or more but is the expert on prohormones, eating completely clean and keeping the perfect form. All of this is great. The problem is that he wears that tank top thing that isn’t really a tank top but a draped piece of string, has a Duck Dynasty style beard to his stomach and he road in on a motorcycle that probably comes equipped with a shotgun or eight. This guy is pretty over the top but dang if he is not swole. Obviously all this pays off somehow.

The Pilates Mat Sniffer

Pilates and lifting are not exactly twins but when your station is next to the Pilates mats… you learn a few things you cannot un-know – for instance, if a girl forgot her mat and needs to borrow one from the gym… she sniffs it. She sticks her nose in that mat that has been God knows where and she SNIFFS it. If you are sniffing a nose full of butt sweat on a mat then you do not need to even sniff it because you obviously do not care to be a little nasty.
The gym is not good for only building muscle and strength. It is also good for a few laughs. Part of the fun of joining a gym is scoping out the crazies. Since deadlifts and squats can get pretty boring, it is actually God’s gift to lifters to provide a little entertainment around the old weight room. Without all the humor, the gym would be a pretty dull place. So live long and prosper cyclist guy with the purple headband… we need you.

4 Words And Their Secret Meanings Only Lifters Truly Comprehend

When you are a hardcore gym hitter, a long-time lifter and a daily getter-doner, you are welcomed into a world where few people understand exactly how difficult it can be to get fit and stay fit. Whether you are a world class weightlifter or just a hardened hobbyist, these 4 statements are common to everybody, even those who hate the gym… and yet inside of the weight room – we all know these 4 words have a secret meaning that only we would ever understand…

Protein Bulk Out

Sure – everyone knows what bulking out is but not everyone knows how truly boring it can be to bulk out. How many nights can a man truly eat grilled chicken breast and brown rice before he gets really bored with his life and wants to drive nails into his elbows, commit a felony or drive into an open field just for a little excitement in his life? Well, apparently, we lifters have a lot of self control because for many of us… its been several years since we can remember eating anything without checking the protein value first. If it is not at least 20g per serving – we already know it is not what is for dinner.


No… it is not that thing your girlfriend gets every month that makes her go slightly crazy and fight with you over stupid things like soap and forgetting that today was the anniversary of your eleventh kiss at McDonalds. Every lifter knows that prohormones are a great way to cut, boost testosterone and enhance power. If you are not utilizing prohormones in your routine yet – the results are phenomenal and with a little research you can find them online.

Green Shakes

Healthy shakes are a great way to keep your energy levels up without loading down on sugars but they also taste like absolute crap. We are not going to lie. We would much rather eat a booger but boogers do not give you much energy. At least, not that we know of. If you know otherwise, hit us up on the DM.

Gym Grunt

We hate the gym grunter just as much as you do but we also know that the gym grunter is just trying not to die – and if he is grunting he really feels like he could. For whatever reason, grunting makes that last hurray of your lift just a little bit easier even if it does nothing more than get you an audience. We never want to be the gym grunter but when we max out our deadlift… we might grunt and if we do – please do not judge us. It is pure survival and we too are trying not to die.

From the protein bulk out that bores you to tears to power packing prohormones, the world of a lifter is a world all their own – but it is always good to know that we crazy-gym-guys understand each other… even if we do tend to have our conversations entirely in grunts.

Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss doesn’t come easy, but it can come fast. At least it does when you know what you’re doing. With that said, below are some of the best ways to lose weight fast.

Do CrossFit
CrossFit is a workout program that can help you shed fat fast. This is because the workouts are short, intense and you do various functional movements with very little to no break in between exercises. In fact, the average CrossFit workout takes only around 20-25 minutes to complete. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll tone up and you’ll feel better. Your endurance and energy levels will improve over time too, as well as your cardiovascular health. If you don’t like doing cardio, but you want to lose weight quickly, then start doing CrossFit workouts.

Train With Giant Sets
Giant set workouts can take as little as 15 minutes to do, and giant sets can makeup your entire workout for a body part. For example, if you wanted to train chest today, then you can do 4-5 exercises and perform a total of 4-5 giant sets and that will consist of your entire chest workout.

You can train with giant sets if you want to lose weight. However, make sure you do 15-20 reps per exercise you do. For large body parts, do a total of 5-6 giant sets and for smaller body parts, do a total of 3-4 giant sets. When you train a body part, choose four exercises that target that body part and do them consecutively. Only rest after the last exercise has been completed, as this will be one giant set.

Asides from being a quick way to train, giant sets can double as mini-cardio workouts, so if your weight loss goals include getting ripped, then start using giant sets and stick with a giant set routine for at least 5-6 weeks.

Alternate Between Cardio And Weights
Another thing you can do is alternative between cardio and weights, but in the same workout. This particular workout routine is really intense, but you can lose a lot of weight with it. Every single time you train with weights, you’ll do cardio in between each set of exercise, but only for one minute. For example, if you’re training biceps today, then in between sets of each biceps exercise, you will do one minute of cardio, such as a minute of jogging, running, cycling or the elliptical, and you’ll do it at high intensity. After you have done a minute of cardio, you’ll do another set of the biceps exercise you were just doing, and then do another minute of cardio once you complete the set. You’ll keep on doing this throughout your entire workout.

This is a great way to shake things up and you’ll lose weight in no time with this method.

Do Cardio 7 Days Per Week
For the next 6-8 weeks, you should do cardio every single day of the week. Do intense cardio six days in a row, followed by a walk on the seventh day. If you want to experience rapid weight loss, then you need to do a lot of cardio and burn a lot of calories, which is why you should do cardio every single day, even when you’re tired.

The truth is that many people can experience fast weight loss, but they don’t want to put in the work required to do it. The above ways are some of the best ways to lose weight quickly, but you still need to be willing to put in the effort. If you give the above ways a try and you put in the effort, then you could end up losing a lot of weight.